Golf Tournaments
Sign up for our in-house golf tournaments as they get announced, or bring in your own tournament and we will help with the organization.

We can start up to 24 players on the same tee off time, and you can typically fit in 3 rounds in a day.

TTIG League
Tee Times offers a weekly league that is fair to all levels of golfers. Whether you are a scratch player or a weekend duffer, our league is handicapped to ensure that everyone has a chance of competing.

How it Works
Each week players compete for the lowest net score. A point system is created for the top 20 positioned players at the end of each week with first place receiving 20 points, and 20th getting 1 point. Over a series of 20 plus weeks, the overall winner is determined by total number of points. Handicaps are determined by your best 2 scores out of your last 4 rounds, so they change often to ensure a competitive league. Also, to make it even more competitive, handicaps for the top 10 point getters of each week have 2 strokes taken off their new handicaps. This way, it is a lot tougher for those who finished well the previous week to finish back to back weeks in the top 10.

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